Robbins Fountain

South Park

Historical Background

The Victorian-era iron fountain from Old South Park in Middletown's South Main Street Historic District received a fresh coat of paint in fall 2012. The last major restoration of this city landmark occurred back in 2002 when the fountain underwent replacement of some of the iron castings and was refinished, along with installation of the present-day fountain pool and park landscaping. The ongoing preservation of this city landmark has been funded since 1984 by the South Main Historic Neighborhood Association (PRISM) through the proceeds of their semi-annual home tour.

The fountain was originally restored by the group after it was discovered abandoned and lying in pieces in a local cemetery. The restored fountain was dedicated in 1984 as a memorial to the Middletown native, Douglas Robbins, who was a hurdler in the 1908 Olympics and was a leading force on Middletown's Park Board for many years.