Ada Sorg Walser / Jacques Seligmann Letters

Ada Sorg was Paul J. Sorg’s only daughter. After Paul J died in 1902 both her and her brother Paul A. Sorg moved to New York to spend part of their 10 million inheritance ( 286 million roughly in today’s money each ).

A neighbor submitted this find a while back, just getting around to posting it. It details Ada’s correspondence with Jacques Seligmann, a New York Art / Antiques dealer. Discussing meeting or missing each other abroad, what paintings she had been buying and how much she owed. It becomes very politely tense at times to get paid from her. There are other public documents detailing her unwillingness to pay her bills on time. Was even taken to court for refusing to pay rent and repairs to her Fifth Ave. apartment.

From the letters she appears to have been a pretty avid Maud Earl collector. Maud Earl was an British-American artist known for illustrating high end dog breeds.

Ada Sorg Walser, Box 99, Folder 18 – 118 pages


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