214 S Main St

214 S. Main has a long and interesting history. Built around 1878 by Theodore Marston the home was later acquired by Jennie Sorg and used a rental property to house her close friends. Around this time the home was transferred to Anthony Walburg ( Paul Sorgs Nephew and right hand man ) and converted into two apartments around 1907-1913. It was then transferred to  Elizabeth Walburg (wife) then to Melva Walburg ( daughter ) as a wedding gift. Horace Rinearson and Melva lived here a short while before moving to Pittsburg. Anthony Walburg moved into the home until his death in 1936. The home was later sold to Phillip Reinartz an AK Steel Executive.

The home was recently purchased by the Loukinas family converted back to single family and is undergoing extensive renovation that can be followed on Instagram.

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